“We can only build the future by standing together.”  Pope Francis


Late January in 2017, USA Today Network estimated over 2.5 million people showed up globally for the Women’s March.  Gender Equality was one of the issues that fueled the passion of the activists.  Gender inequality is a multi-faceted problem impacting women’s financial earnings.  The truth is in the numbers that show a difference in the ability of women to earn and hold on to their money in relation to men.  The solution to Gender Equality is simple.  When the majority of human beings on this planet choose their thoughts and manage their behavior in favor of Gender Equality then the solutions follow.

Millions of people were united in a revolutionary stand on January 21, 2017.  Since that date, the numbers have doubled to Wikipedia’s estimate of five million peaceful participants.  The message was clear.  A demand for change was the mantra.  Change is constant.  Embrace change and you follow the adapting evolutionary processes that has sustained our natural environment for millions of years.  A way to meet the demands of people and make a change to our financial infrastructure is to find a solution to Gender Inequality.

Around half of the US population are Women.  It is only logical to harness this source of earning potential to support our financial infrastructure.  One of the problems women face is their inability to secure and hold onto their less than earnings in relation to men.  Women face barriers to earning since they embrace a greater responsibility for taking care of children and elderly family members.  In 2016, the Economic Policy Institute determined that women earned 80 cents for every dollar paid to men when both work full time.  Yet women must spend more of their earnings for medical costs.  In 2015, Women received only 48.8% of employer-sponsored health insurance (ESI) compared to the 55.9% received by men.  Gender bias is a problem that plagues politicians, business owners, and the people.

Pope Francis gave a TED talk about “The Future You”.  He spoke about how politicians and business owners are not the only ones that must change for a revolution to take hold.  The Pope spoke about how “each and everyone’s existence is deeply tied to that of others”.  It is time for each and every one of us to step up and take part in the changes that are being demanded by the people.  An easy solution to this gender bias gap is for people to use their power of choice.  The majority of the people have the power to choose their thoughts and behavior.  You have the power to be one of the change makers for the just and balanced World that serves all that exists.

The Women’s March was composed of both Women and Men.  This historic movement was a clear indicator that both genders recognized the need to neutralize Gender Equality.  Balancing the earning potential of a significant number of the World’s individuals, namely women, offers a solution to fit the desires of the people.  Pope Francis made a statement about the need for all people to be involved to create a revolution.  We must all get involved to create the changes we want to see in our world.  Gender Equality is one of those changes that is needed to improve the conditions in our World and on our planet.  We must all get involved in a Gender Equality revolution.

About the Author

Dr. Elizabeth Armstrong is a Visionary Leader.  She activates your Intuitive Spirit to achieve your Divine Potential.  Balance the Power of Your Heart and Mind in partnership with Nature.  Dr. Liz is a poet, speaker, author, and educator. or drlizarmstrong[at]