Dr Elizabeth takes you on a journey to joyfully live your vision and successfully achieve your mission.  Her passion is contagious and you gain valuable insight on how to be successful with whatever you choose.  Her inspiration provides guidance on how to discover solutions through Miracles.


She found it easier to walk out the back door then to be part of DC racial riots at her High School in the 70’s.  As a Gypsy Hippie dropout, she was loved by her employers when she was a waitress.  She traveled across the country and sailed across the ocean.  Her goal was to see a smile on the face of others that she spent time with.


Life took a dramatic change when she became a single parent of two children.  Moving from her heart, compassion, determination and creativity led her to be awarded with a Doctorate at the University of Arkansas.  An endearing love for the Environment and Wild gifted her with knowledge on Green Building, Financial Case for Green, and Waterwise landscaping.

A Visionary Leader, Lover of Life, Gifted Intuitive, Poet, Genius, Educator, Scientist, Author, and Blogger, Dr Elizabeth Author will inspire you to Abundantly live the Life that beings you Joy and Happiness.


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“Dr. Elizabeth Armstrong combines the best of science with matters of the heart in a journey to becoming one with nature. Often we do not appreciate our role in our environment, but by reading her book Align with the Wild, you will begin to see how critical it is for your own well-being to stop and reconnect with nature. Smell the salty air by the ocean's waves. Observe how the plants and animals around you interact. By following the guidelines in this book, you will gain a greater appreciation for your role in the dance of life.”

--Gina Akao


“Once in a while the right information comes through.  If you are open to it, it can change your direction.  I have this experience regularly and most often with my friend Dr. Armstrong.  Some times when we are stuck on a situation someone needs to “thump the side of the fish bowl” to wake us up to look at things differently.  Many thanks to the prodding and promoting she does for keeping my focus where it needs to be.  Thank you, Dr. Armstrong, for your fortitude!”

-- Robin House Collin




“My business had taken a downturn from the Great Recession and I was facing a life-threatening challenge.  Dr. Elizabeth really listened to me.  She did the research and gave me exactly what I needed to know, in a timely matter.  I changed my mindset and took the responsibility for my recovery.  Six months later, my life has been renewed, I am working, and strong enough to spend quality time with my family.  Thank you Dr. Elizabeth for your compassion.” 

--Janell Gossage M.T.