About Dr. Elizabeth Armstrong

Dr Elizabeth is a VISIONARY LEADER.  She Leads You on a Journey to Joyfully Manifest Your Vision and Achieve Your Mission.  Her Passion is Contagious and You Gain Valuable Insight on how to THRIVE with Your DREAMS.  Discover Your Life Filled with MIRACLES. 

Dr. Liz found it easier to walk out the back door then to be part of DC racial riots at her High School in the 70’s.  As a Gypsy Hippie dropout  She traveled across the country and sailed across the ocean.  Her goal was to see a smile on the face of others that crossed her path.

Her Compassion and Determination rewarded her with a Doctorate from the University of Arkansas as a Single Parent.  A Love for the Environment and Wild gifts her with knowledge on Green Building, Financial Case for Green, and Waterwise Landscaping.

A Visionary Leader, Lover of Life, Gifted Intuitive, Poet, Genius, Educator, Scientist, Author, and Blogger, DR ELIZABETH ARMSTRONG will inspire you to Abundantly live the Life that beings you Joy and Happiness.


"Obstacles are those frightful things you see when

you take your eyes off your goal."

--Henry Ford

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